16: Using Theatre and Song to Make Learning Chinese Fun with David Kral

September 26, 2017
David's Chinese name is 王大伟. He is from Melbourne, Australia. Apart from English and Chinese, David also speaks a little bit of Italian and French. David started learning Chinese 10 years ago since year 7 in high school. He is now an English and Chinese teacher, completing a Masters of Secondary Teaching at the University of Melbourne. David also performs bilingual musical shows at Primary and Secondary schools to encourage students to learn languages.
One interesting fact about David: He has won awards in two shows on China Central Television.

15: Making Connections and Starting a Family in China with Sally Waters

September 19, 2017
Sally had always wanted to become fluent in a second language but didn't get the chance until she started learning Chinese at university. Her first trip to China was twenty years ago. Sally is fluent in spoken and written Chinese and has attained professional accreditation as a translator in the direction from Chinese to English. Sally is from Brisbane, Australia, now working as a yoga teacher but also teaches Chinese privately to people in her neighbourhood. 
One interesting fact about Sally: She wrote a book about her experiences of being married to, and raising a family with her husband who is from Qingdao, China.

14: An Interesting and Insightful Take on Chinese Language with Tristan McCarthy

September 12, 2017

Tristan was born in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia and he lived in Melbourne for the last 5 years. Tristan speaks English natively and Mandarin Chinese. He started learning Chinese since 2013 and now at the age of 24, he is studying Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering.

One interesting fact about Tristan: He won the second place in Oceania in the 2016 Chinese Bridge Competition.

See full show note at http://chinesetalkeze.com/14


13: How Speaking Chinese Opened the Door to a Happier Life with Diogo Ilheu

September 5, 2017
Diogo is from Portugal. Currently studying International Relations at University of Lisbon. Diogo has studied Chinese for almost 3 years and will be representing Portugal in the Chinese Bridge worldwide competition for college students. Besides Portuguese which is his native language, he can also speak English, Chinese and a conversational level of Spanish.
Two interesting facts about Diogo:
1. His Chinese name is 李白lǐ bái which is identical to THE most famous Chinese poet of all time.
2. Diogo has an identical twin brother who doesn't speak Chinese and whenever Diogo’s Chinese friends met his brother, they all spoke Chinese with him and they found it weird that Diogo didn't understand anything they said.

12: Speaking Fluent Chinese Without Ever Living in China with Andrei Zlotchevski

August 29, 2017
Andrei comes from Moscow Russia. He started learning Chinese 6 years ago. Apart from speaking fluent Mandarin Chinese, he speaks Russian, French and English all at native level. He is now 22 years old. Currently pursuing a Master’s degree in mathematics at McGill University. His field of research is probability theory. 
One interesting fact about Andrei: At the age of 11, he won an international mathematics competition and almost exactly 10 years from that day at age 21, he won the Chinese Bridge Competition, which is a Chinese proficiency competition for foreign college students. 

11: Building an Acting Career by Speaking Chinese with Lawrence Farley

August 22, 2017

Lawrence is from Texas United States. Currently living in Los Angeles. Lawrence has studied Chinese for almost 7 years. Having just returned to the US and moved to LA, he is now doing acting, modelling, hosting, and writing jobs. Lawrence did some standup in China and plans on doing it in the US as well.

One interesting fact about Lawrence in his own words: Despite being 6 foot 3 (192cm) and busting my ass for a model's frame, it's completely hollow. I am at best mediocre at all sports; can't jump high, can't run fast, reaction time is garbage. Unfortunately, as a basketball enthusiast, every time I played ball in China with a new crew, we always had to get through the inevitable awkward moment of them realizing the tall muscular American sucks.


10: From American Farms to Chinese Villages with Matt Ekhoff

August 15, 2017
Matt grew up on a farm in the US. He spent some time learning Chinese in China and he is now living in Chicago in the US. Matt is now 28 years old, working for a Chinese airline. 
One interesting fact about Matt in his own words: The coolest thing I did in China was taking a bike trip through the countryside. When I was sitting by a lake eating my lunch, dozens of fish started to jump out of the water. I never knew China had such beautiful nature.

9: Make learning Chinese simple and fun with Anthony Jarvis

August 8, 2017

Anthony is from Darwin Australia, now living in London England since 2012. He has learnt Chinese for 3 and a half years and planning to take HSK 6 exam soon. Anthony is 27 years old and now studying full time in International Studies (which is essentially international relations) and Chinese.

One interesting fact about Anthony in his own words: Even though I am left handed naturally I can only write Chinese properly with my right hand.


8: How to Learn Chinese by Yourself with Nick Lenczewski

August 1, 2017

Nick is from the United States and currently living in Chiang Mai, Thailand. His native language is English. Apart from that, he speaks fluent Mandarin and basic Cantonese. Nick has studied Chinese for almost 10 years now. At 32 years old he now has a website and a book that help people find a job and create a life in China. He also does Chinese translation and interpretation. 
Here’s one interesting fact about Nick in his own words: I'm addicted to Seinfeld. Seinfeld is an American comedy TV series from the 90s. I've probably seen all 180 episodes 30 times each or more. I've been a fan since I was 10 and used to talk about episodes with my friends at the lunch table in 4th grade. There are some good references to China and Chinese in several episodes.


7: Half Third Tone, Space Repetition and Avoid Burnout with Anthony Roberts

July 25, 2017
Anthony is from Connecticut, USA. Anthony is in his late 30s. He speaks fluent English and Mandarin Chinese. Apart from that, he can also speak Thai at basic conversation level and bits and pieces in Cantonese and Teochew 潮州话 which are another 2 dialects of Chinese. Anthony is married. Now teaching martial arts and just started doing some English-Mandarin interpreting.