32: A Youthful Approach to Learning Chinese with Lizzie Tai

March 20, 2018
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Lizzie is an Australian but grew up in New Zealand and Australia. Lizzie studied Chinese formally for 1.5 years at the university level but studied informally by living in Beijing for 13 years. Lizzie now lives in Melbourne Australia, working as a primary school teacher, as a specialist EAL teacher (English as an Additional Language).
Interesting fact: Lizzie was born in a small town in Germany called Blankenstien
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31: Overnight Train Journeys - The Ultimate Immersive Experience with Hannah Jackson

March 6, 2018
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Hannah comes from the United Kingdom. Hannah has studied Chinese for 4 years and lived in China for 5 years. She is now living in London and works for the Body Shop.
Interesting fact: She has a six-month-old puppy called Snoop.

30: How Learning Chinese Led to Personal and Professional Success with Santiago Mateos

February 19, 2018
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Santiago is dual Australian and British citizen. His hometown is Sydney Australia. He has lived, studied and worked in Australia, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Japan.  Apart from English and Chinese, Santiago also speaks fluent Japanese, intermediate Spanish and used to be able to speak French at an advanced level. Santiago is now 35 years old, he owns and manages a boutique China consultancy and digital agency, which is also incubating a tech startup. He now lives between Beijing, Shanghai and Sydney. 
Interesting fact: Santiago’s Chinese name is 马云驰. Which is very similar to Jack Ma’s Chinese name 马云. The name was given to Santiago at Beijing Language and Culture University in 2009 before Alibaba had become a global powerhouse. 
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29: Name LinkedIn, Marvel, Booking.com and Airbnb in Chinese with Vladimir Djurovic

February 6, 2018
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Vladimir (竹文峥) comes from France. He speaks French and Serbian natively, where Serbian his mother tongue. Apart from speaking fluent French, Serbian, English and Chinese, he also speaks Russian. Vladimir has lived in Shanghai for the last 16 years. He is the founder and CEO of Labbrand - a leading global brand consultancy originated and headquartered in China.
Interesting fact: He named some famous brands in Chinese including LinkedIn(领英), Marvel(漫威), Booking.com (缤客) and Airbnb(爱彼迎)
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28: Learning Chinese Acrobatics and Mandarin with Latonya Wigginton

January 9, 2018
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Latonya is from Brisbane Australia. She has studied Chinese for 5 years. Latonya is now 23 years old, living in Melbourne and working as an acrobat. 
Interesting fact: She is a vegetarian.

27: Be Brave Enough to Make Mistakes and You’ll Be Wiser the Next Time with Imelda Lapthorne

December 12, 2017

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Imelda is from Queensland Australia. Now living in Melbourne. She speaks English natively and she is also fluent in Chinese and Italian. Imelda has learned Chinese for more than 8 years. Now she is working in international education.

Interesting fact: She loves travelling and she enjoys learning phrases in the local language.

26: Get Your Heart into Learning Chinese with Andreas Goller

December 5, 2017
Andreas is from Germany and he speaks German natively. Apart from speaking fluent English and Chinese, he also speaks rusty fluent French, intermediate Thai and some basic Japanese and Korean. That’s 7 languages. Andreas has studied Chinese for 8 years and he now lives in Guangzhou China. He is now 27 years old, working as a project manager at the German Chamber of Commerce. 
Interesting fact: He once travelled from Singapore to Germany via land.

25: Life as a Foreign Student in the Chinese Education System with Cameron Patterson

November 28, 2017
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Cameron comes from Wales in UK. Apart from English and Chinese, he is also learning Swedish since his girlfriend is from there. Cameron first started learning Chinese 14 years ago, but he has studied it properly for 7 years. Cameron is now 22 years old, living in Lancaster and studying for a masters degree in physics at Lancaster University. 
Interesting fact: He got to perform for the Chinese President Xi Jinping during his state visit to the UK a couple of years ago.

24: Finding a Love for Teaching and Learning After Moving to China with Mike Goffman

November 21, 2017
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Mike is from Minnesota, United States. Apart from English and Chinese, he also speaks basic Spanish. Mike studied Chinese on and off for 5 years, then just learned through daily things. Mike is 37 years old, now living in Shanghai and teaching Design Technology at an international school.
Interesting fact about Mike: He hates eating tomatoes but he loves foods with tomato in them.

23: Living in China as a Kid and Going on to Win the 2015 Chinese Bridge Competition with Bradley Meredith

November 13, 2017
Bradley has dual Australian and New Zealand citizenship. Apart from English and Mandarin Chinese, he also speak a smattering of Cantonese. Bradley first started learning Chinese when he was about 6 and he studied a few years of Chinese through the New Zealand high school curriculum and a couple of Mandarin University papers. Bradley now lives in Christchurch, New Zealand and he has recently graduated from university and currently work as a full stack web developer. Bradley also do some random jobs on the side including acting, hosting, and pine tree removal.
Interesting facts about Bradley:
1. He was born in Taiwan.
2. He competed in the 2015 Chinese Bridge Competition and had a great time!