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21: When in China, Do as the Chinese Do with Iain Inglis

October 31, 2017
Iain is from the city of Cardiff which is the capital city of Wales in the United Kingdom. Iain has always enjoyed learning foreign languages. Apart from English and Chinese, he started to learn the ancient Celtic language of Welsh when he was in primary school. He has learnt French for seven or eight years and his university course was interpreting and translating Russian and German into English. He also has some conversational Japanese since he lived in Hokkaido Japan for two years. And he speaks some basic Czech and Dutch. That’s 9 languages! Iain has been living in China for 13 years. He is now 39 years old, living in the beautiful tropical city of Sanya in the province of Hainan. Iain is a freelance actor, presenter, and singer.
One interesting fact about Iain: He enjoys singing Chinese 'red songs’, which are patriotic songs that praise China and the Chinese communist party. It has helped him massively with his Chinese learning. Iain appeared on China’s Got Talent and became very famous for singing the Chinese red songs!