11: Building an Acting Career by Speaking Chinese with Lawrence Farley

August 22, 2017

Lawrence is from Texas United States. Currently living in Los Angeles. Lawrence has studied Chinese for almost 7 years. Having just returned to the US and moved to LA, he is now doing acting, modelling, hosting, and writing jobs. Lawrence did some standup in China and plans on doing it in the US as well.

One interesting fact about Lawrence in his own words: Despite being 6 foot 3 (192cm) and busting my ass for a model's frame, it's completely hollow. I am at best mediocre at all sports; can't jump high, can't run fast, reaction time is garbage. Unfortunately, as a basketball enthusiast, every time I played ball in China with a new crew, we always had to get through the inevitable awkward moment of them realizing the tall muscular American sucks.


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